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United Sports Seattle

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While there are LGBTQ specific chambers of commerce organizations for local businesses throughout the United States, the same can't be said for LGBTQ sports organizations. 

  • From an organizational perspective, organizations typically operate as islands and have to figure out things by themselves.

  • From a player perspective, when new people move to the area or if someone wants to try out something new, they typically have to either know in advance what they are looking for or have to try to search for it.


United Sports Seattle (USS) hopes to solve by of those needs by creating a forum that brings together the different LGBTQ sports leagues, clubs, and associations in the area,  in order to share resources, ideas, and provide networking opportunities.  We also will act as a resource to individuals by providing them the information about the different sports, leagues, and other activities that are available to them.

  • USS will be an available to help sports organizations that are looking to host a local, regional, or national tournament by connecting them to the resources that they will need to be successful.

  • USS also aims to maintain close relations with all of the local professional sports teams in order to be an available Diversity and Inclusion resource for them, but also to bring the teams and the local LGBTQ community more closely together.


Another key part of the USS mission is Youth sports by working to ensure that LGBTQ youth have the opportunity to participate and engage in safe, supportive space on the field playfield or by being available as a resource to provide Diversity and Inclusion training and awareness to existing youth programs.  We know that by representing the LGBTQ community within youth programs, we have the opportunity to positively impact the future of those individuals.

USS is not an expert by any means, but intends to pull together and share resources from across the city, the region, and the country to help fulfill its mission.

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United Sports Seattle is 100% volunteers who believe in the power that sports and all the good things associated with sports can bring individuals in the LGBTQIA+ community.

While most of our work is with LGBTQIA+ adult programs, we know that we also need to be future-minded.  Our longer-term goals include the creation of programming opportunities specifically for LGBTQIA+ youth or the children of LGBTQIA+ individuals, in addition to LGBTQIA+ training materials for school and other recreational youth leagues.


  • Support and promotion of LGBTQIA+ and youth sports programs.

  • Marketing, management, and program consulting.

  • Event coordination - RFP through on-ground management.

  • Diversity & inclusion training.

  • Engagement with professional sports teams.

  • Cross organization networking.


  • United Sports Seattle is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

  • The number and type of programs we can support at any one time is determined by the number of volunteers and the funding avaiable for that program.

  • We are always looking for volunteers to help us in our programs - both existing and new

  • Our funding is based on the programs we are currently working on

  • We keep operational expenses to a minimum, but we can always use help

    • Donations can be made by PayPal, Venmo, or other services by clicking the button below:


  • You can also make a donation through CashApp using $UnitedSportsSeattle

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